Art-house with museum “The Dolls” is unique museum in Sofia, Bulgaria with over 3000 dolls, workshop and Birthday party center. There are porcelain, antique, ritual, modern, marionette, souvenir, vintage and collector dolls from Bulgaria and the whole world. The fairy creatures smile, sing and dance while they tell stories. Young and old dive into the rich “puppet” world of the museum, fascinated by its magic. The museum is located in the center of Sofia-city in a 100 year old aristocratic house - a monument of culture in neoclassical style with a cozy inner courtyard.
The workshop* is part of the Art-house with museum “The dolls” and a favorite place for the children. A group lesson takes place every Saturday with materials provided by The House. In the weekdays there are individual workshops and Art-kindergarten. This is a possibility for you to leave the children to create something and have fun, so you can finish some important tasks.
Unique birthday – with creativity, theater, music… Among thousands of dolls, toys and wizards. In the atmosphere of a 100 year old house.
Summer vacation at the Art house with museum
Dates: 5th June – 15th August, 9.30 - 17.00, Mon – Fri Semi day/ full day shift
Week 1: Ethnographic regions
Week 2: Play and Study
Week 3: Tales from Around the World
Week 4: Animals and Plants


“Eggs a la Faberge” by Snezhina Harbova
The exhibition collection “Eggs a la Faberge” is still on. As everything else in the Art house “The Dolls”, these beautiful objects are outstanding – inspired by the world renowned decorative objects made by Peter Carl Faberge.

The Vice President of Bulgaria visited the Art house “The Dolls”
She was delighted with the beauty and the variety of traditional Bulgarian crafts in the Art house with museum “The Dolls”

Children's fest in Botevgrad
More than 200 children have made dolls with the help of the fairies from Art-House "Kuklite"


The Museum opened a permanent collection “Traditional Bulgarian Dolls”.
On the 1st Oct, 2013, the museum opened a permanent collection “Traditional Bulgarian Dolls”. The collection consists of more than 300 dolls and was built up over half century by Vassily Gordienko (1930-2012).